Views Up North

I was a few months old the first time I spent a summer on Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Michigan. My family returns every summer and not much has changed over the years (in the best way). There’s something special about returning somewhere that doesn’t change and you are able to observe your own growth since your last visit.

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Fire & Bloom

After reading the vision of local candle company Fire and Bloom I knew I wanted to have a conversation with founder Michelle Elizabeth to learn more about her journey into candle making. “To impact, shift, heal, and uplift consciousness around the world through education, coaching, community, and spiritual development.”

Michelle and I collaborated on a shoot to launch her first line of candles which are appropriately named Protect, Transform, Prosper, and Manifest. Each candle comes with an affirmation card written by Michelle herself. This was one of those photo shoots that just flowed naturally and was a joy to capture in Creative Hands Studio at 52 O Street.

Deep Space by Jordann Wine

Jordann Wine is one of my favorite DC artists for so many reasons. Her talent is undeniable and she is one of those people you can talk to for hours about nothing and everything. I have tremendous respect for her art and her perspective.

I had the honor of capturing her latest show Deep Space at Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia. in her own words, “…these geometric abstract paintings evoke a connection to the deep space of time and the universe, as well as a deep space found in meditation. Floating, falling, fading, and unfolding patterns of triangles, circles, and squares mesmerize the viewer to meditate on the infinite possibilities of the internal and external.”

These photos were published in a review of the show by East City Art.

Nourish & Refine

I welcomed spring with a beautiful lifestyle shoot for Nourish & Refine, a line of skincare and candles that helps women discover the power of self-care through all-natural and conscious products. As soon as Nikki, the founder of N&R, reached out to me about collaborating and shared her vision with me I was instantly excited to work on this shoot. This year I have made a conscious effort to transition my household cleaning and routine self-care products to be made from ingredients provided by nature, free of chemicals. Each product in Nourish & Refine’s line is locally made with five or less ingredients, free from fillers and chemicals. It’s always energizing to be in alignment with a client’s products and mission.

I was thrilled to work with the lovely stylist Genevieve Targoni (aka @lafleurdujour), model Mary Frances Dale of Verde Lusso, and Julian Thomas as my right hand man on this shoot. All photographs were taken at the Lorien Hotel & Spa in Old Town Alexandria.

Producing for Eaton DC

My good friend Natalie (read: best friends since we were two years old), Partner and Director of Horticulture at Love and Carrots, asked me to capture their installation of the rooftop garden at one of DC’s newest boutique hotel Eaton. The produce grown on the hotel’s rooftop will be prepared and served fresh in dishes at American Son, the modern-day American cuisine restaurant in the lobby of Eaton. This is urban farming at it’s finest in our city.

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Valentine's Madeleines

Some of my favorite photographs from a recent creative collaboration with Taylor. This shoot was made even sweeter by the fact that the baker is my sister. She did the baking while I did the styling and capturing. Food photography is proving to be another outlet for my creativity that brings a whole new world of textures, colors, and compositions.

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Snow with a Capitol 'S'

A fresh blanket of snow over the city always makes for a great canvas for photos. Temperatures have been below freezing all week so I doubled up on socks and warm layers before heading out to take some photos with my friend Angela at the US Capitol.

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Alone with Abe

It’s a rare occurrence. Watching the sunrise from the Lincoln Memorial and looking up to see that you have the place to yourself. Those magical couple seconds when it’s just you and Abe.

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